Your Child Evolving Among
Top 1 % Global Kids
With a school that can guarantee
to fulfil your dreams.
Your Child Would Evolve Like
Einstein Or Google Brothers 
Or An Ordinary Person

Depends On His SCHOOLING


The core reason for Failure of 90% unsuccessful people is LA​​CK of

Communication &
All round development

Surprisingly the SECRET of getting among the​​ Top 1 % Global Kids is 

Great confidence
Great communication skills
All round development

Would you like to see your child as extraordinary 
as these students who were ordinary earlier?

BIPS Achievements

due to its unique teaching methodologies


1000+ selections in IITs, BITS Pilani, Thapar University 


250+ selections in AIIMS, Rajindra Medical College & other medical colleges.


100+ participations in District, State, National, International & commonwealth games

BIPS Recognised Among
Top Schools of India

CBSE Affiliated, Nursery to 10+2

The Important facts 
you must know:
90% of brain pattern & 50% adult intellig​ence develops in the first 6 years
Children till age 6 years use upto 100% of their brain power, which decreases with age.
Montessori is the only system that teaches through 5 senses.

Montessori child generally 
leads other peers by several 
years because it:

Now the question is:
Is there any Authentic Montessori School at Patiala?

Bhupindra International Public School
is the only authentic Montessori school in Punjab

Montessori education vs Traditional education

1. Total dependence on teacher & text books. Errors are pointed by teacher – detrimental to self esteem & confidence.
2. Teacher sets the pace.
3. Learn through just two senses.
4. Theoretical
5. Teacher forces her choice ignoring child’s area of interest & ability resulting in short span of attention.
6. As a result children lose interest every now & then.
7. Some time noisy, enforced discipline.
8. Whole class lessons -passive listeners.
9. Fixed time table.
10. Spoon fed by teacher.
1. Children work on scientifically designed & self correcting Montessori materials independently - self esteem & confidence is enhanced.
2. Child sets his own pace of experiential learning.
3. Optimum learning since all five senses are honed
4. Hands on – Practical way/ experiential learning
5. Children choose their own work according to their interest - amazing span of attention.
6. Organized & disciplined- peaceful classes.
7. Children are active participants in all activities
8. Individualized learning- individual atte​​ntion
9. No time limit- children enjoy working on materials for long hours.
10. Child formulates his/her own concepts

BIPS, the only school which 
guarantees for its 100% students:

Great Confidence
Fluent English
All-round Development
Great Academics performance
Great Sports performance
Possess great values

Patiala Success Stories crafted at BIPS

“ My son got the opportunity to study from the faculty of BIPS. The method of teaching at BIPS is incredible and develops the interest of the students.”

Dr. Ganesh Gandhi
Professor, Multani Mal Modi College

"Due to BIPS’ focus on all-round development, my 7 years old daughter Jivika, can joyfully express her point of view on the stage with great confidence and Communication skills.

VK Meena, IAS
Divisional Commissioner

Do you really want your child evolve  
as an extraordinary personality?

To be a topper, not only in your family
 and friends but among the

Top 1 % Global Kids?

But there could be these problems!!!

Depending on where you stay and what your paying capacity is, you may have these issues:

Distance AND / OR High Fee

Please read what people say about these PROBLEMS:

मेरी बेटी Saisha और समाना के लगभग 30 से अधिक बच्चे हर रोज लगभग 1 घंटे का सफर तय करके BIPS, पटियाला जाते हैं। केवल इसलिए कि हम चाहते हैं कि हमारे बच्चे अपने जीवन में कुछ अच्छा कर सकें। BIPS में मैंने अपनी बच्ची में बहुत improvement देखी है । जो ज्ञान उसने BIPS में प्राप्त किया है वह हमारी समझ से तो परे है। वह किसी से भी बड़े impressive way में बात कर सकती है वो भी इंग्लिश में। जब मेरी बेटी के future का सवाल है तो डिस्टेंस कोई मायने नहीं रखता।

Saisha's Mother
Class 1st

I am a single mother working as HR manager in a private college drawing just Rs. 30,000/- P.M. I am a product of an ordinary school and had I studied of a good school, I would have been somewhere else. Even if I sell my house, I can’t get the school education from a good school like BIPS. I want my 5 years old son Sehaj to do really well in his life that is the reason I have enrolled him at BIP.S When I think about the education, values and the confidence that my son is getting at BIPS, I feel that I can’t get anywhere else in India at even double the fee.

Gursharan Kaur

From Bhupindra International Public School

BIPS is one of the best co-ed, English medium CBSE affiliated school- Pre-nursery to class XII. BIPS offers all streams including medical, non-medical, commerce and humanities and all that parents and students crave for their bright future. It is the only and authentic Montessori school of Patiala.

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