Pre-Primary Montessori 
Environment & Curriculum

The child centred curriculum in our ABC Montessori (early formative years) programme is in accordance with the Montessori methods blended with activity-based teaching as advocated by Dr. Maria Montessori, the pioneer advocate of early childhood education. She got influenced by her contemporaries like Jean Piaget, John Dewey, Friedrich Frobel and the Reggio Emilia approach.

The Montessori system is well researched, universally acclaimed and time tested. Beautifully Prepared Montessori Environment with a wide range of Montessori materials aims to develop and refine not only all the senses but also equip children with thinking skill, communication skill, creative skill and skill to innovate. As a result students in Montessori schools have better perception of the world. They have strong intuitive power. They are generally 2 & half years ahead of their peers studying in other conventional schools. The Montessori curriculum is designed to cater to the individual interests and potential of children and enhance spiritual, social, creative and cognitive skills and address their emotional quotient so that the children are happily engaged at school.

An array of activities like creative expressions through Art & Craft, enhancing body rhythm by dancing, exploring and nurturing the latent talent through music, language enrichment program by promoting listening & speaking skills through storytelling, conversation, role play, picture story and story crafting, english play lets extensive use of audio visual aids, hi tech digital boards to make classroom learning more enjoyable and training fine motor skills, wellness programme which helps in developing gross motor skills through yoga and meditation, karate, skating, outdoor activities, swings and slides, , ride on the toy train and various events and celebrations provide ample opportunities to develop and showcase their creativity.

To give a wide (age applicable) exposure, the following celebrations, events & field events are organized.

  1. Documentaries on wildlife, bird sanctuary, historical monuments, continents, solar system shown to engage children and enhance general awareness.
  2. Music – Instrumental and Vocal
  3. Festivals, special days, birthday celebrations, Teacher’s Day with Mother’s, Children’s Day, Grandparent’s Day and Spring Carnival with parents.
  4. Active participation in intra class as well as inter school events.
  5. Annual Science & Art & Craft Exhibition –Working & static models, art and craft created by students are exhibited
  6. Annual Concert – 100% participation is ensured for all students.
Montessori Class Room Assets

Each Montessori classroom has complete range of Montessori materials for the sensorial development of children.

From Bhupindra International Public School

BIPS is one of the best co-ed, English medium CBSE affiliated school- Pre-nursery to class XII. BIPS offers all streams including medical, non-medical, commerce and humanities and all that parents and students crave for their bright future. It is the only and authentic Montessori school of Patiala.

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